Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blessed day!

Church was so good today! In Sunday school we learned about Mary and the alabaster box and giving our best to God. Sunday school was followed by an awesome time of Praise and Worship. Dr. Richard Koonce gave a testimony of the goodness of God and was touched to sing an annointed song Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I've ever done. The song really welcomed the presence of the Lord.
 We continued to press through and ended singing We are Blessed! Pastor Tracey (Shoemo) led this song and was all over the sanctuary. We pointed to our neighbors and sang you're blessed, we pointed to ourselves and sang I'm blessed, we pointed around the room and sang we're blessed. Then we sang Dance like David and our church got down. We jumped, danced, and sang and praised until we were tired but we had to sing our congregational song, I love you Jesus. I know heaven was pleased as we sang to Jesus, I lift my hands in total adoration unto to You, for You reign upon the throne and You are God and God alone, because of You my cloudy days are gone and to You I sing this song, I just want to say that I love You more than anything, I love You Jesus, I worship and adore You, Just want to tell You that I love You more than anything....Lord I love you more than anything Lord I love you more than anything.
Pastor Tracey preached on from the book of Zecheriah in his series: 8 Visions of a Prophet. Pastor Tracey encouraged us to ready our temples for the coming of the Lord as in the rapture  as the angel told Zecheriah to ready the people for the coming of the Lord  as Jesus came to earth to show He was the Messiah. He urged us to get out while we can in our own land of Babolyn and stop "sleeping with the daughter of Babolyn," stop living a sinful life! It was awesome. I encourage everyone to come visit with us Spirit and Truth Ministries The House of Radical Praise and Worship: 910 West Madison Road Sandusky, OH!

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