Sunday, February 21, 2010

The reflection pool

At my old college Mount Vernon Nazarene Unversity there is a small body of water on campus called the reflection pool located in the grove. I thought about it tonight as I titled my blog "A Self Reflecting Journey of  a Woman of Hope" I wonder what is it do I see when I look in the mirror. My life certainly has not reflected my former dreams and goals thus far and I wonder if that is really a bad thing. I thought I would be in the professional world building my career but somehow I have been entrusted to raise a beautiful boy into a mature man. Me, who was so adament about never having children. I have been humbled to live with my parents in my thirties after having blasted Independent Woman by Destiny's Child in my twenties. I have gone from the petite to the plus sized section of clothes. I am sometimes tempted to self reflect and see myself as a failure yet I have overcome so much. I manage a major mental illness daily, a struggle that takes it toll on my body, soul and spirit. I pour my heart and soul into my mothering. I read about parenting, I invest in every aspect of my son's life. I have survived rape, sodomy, homelessness, domestic violence and assault. I am a survivor. I am a Woman of Hope because I have and never will lose hope that is rooted and grounded in my realtionship with Jesus Christ. I hope you never lose hope as well. I hope you see yourself as a survivor and not a victim. Be blessed be filled with hope be kind in your self reflecting.

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